A Special Reception

It began as a chance meeting on a flight from New York to Charlotte when Gary and Manny were randomly seated next to each. Both were exhausted from the weeks work and, truth be told, planning to sleep. Instead, they spoke non-stop through the flight. That conversation, and a deep friendship, has continued for the next sixteen years.


Manny shared his story and how a pair of shoes changed his life. We have learned about the passionate calling for Manny, and his wife Tracie, to create Samaritan’s Feet. With a compelling mission to eradicate shoelessness in children throughout the world, the effect is far reaching. What seemed an impossible dream of serving 10 million people is now within reach. With this mission comes the ability to stamp out foot-borne diseases and effect health, education, and poverty.


Please join us as we help to continue the mission of serving children in need with essential and life-giving hope through a pair of shoes.