Help Give New Shoes to Children in Nashville

Dew Tinnin, Skillway Head Coach and CEO, has teamed up with Samaritan’s Feet to provide 400 students in the Nashville area with new shoes!

A donation of just $25 will give a student a new pair of shoes, along with a message of encouragement to follow their dreams.

These shoes will be donated through two Shoe Lockers at two different schools. A Shoe Locker is supply of athletic shoes kept on-site at a school which are immediately available when a student has improperly fitting or worn shoes. School teachers and administrations can then provide shoes to students as the needs arise. Having a new pair of shoes will allow children to get right back into the classroom and playground in a comfortable and confident way.

Join Dew by simply donating below, or if you’d like to fundraise to establish your own Shoe Locker, please email Nike Ohonme at


Demonstrate proper foot care as you distribute new shoes.


Serve alongside local organizations to further aid.


Encourage unity as you serve communities together.


See children go to school because they have a required pair of shoes to attend.

Donate Below

Your donations will ensure that children can learn, run, and grow with comfort and confidence; so that every student has the chance to learn, play, and be a kid.