My children and I moved to Charlotte, N.C. six years ago. I was going through a divorce and I needed to get away. I didn’t know anyone here and didn’t have much with me. We had like one cup, one spoon, and a pack of oatmeal. So I said, “okay God, we’re here and we need you to do some things for us.”

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Two days after we got here, we heard Samaritan’s Feet was giving out free shoes for children and adults at a local church. And I thought, well, we don’t have any, so we’ll go over there and get some new shoes. It can make a world of difference when someone cares enough about an individual and offers to help.

My experience was awesome. I remember the excitement on my kids’ faces when they saw their new shoes—it filled me with joy. I was so grateful that Samaritan’s Feet and their volunteers were there for my family as we arrived in our new community. It was one of the first blessings we received.

I was a single mom and here on my own, but trusting God would make a way. And then here comes Samaritan’s Feet with a small act which became very impactful in my life and for my children. Six years later, I’m in a better position. I have my own job and I’m also a pastor, so serving is what I do. And now I’m able to be on the opposite end and give back.

It can make a world of difference when someone cares enough about an individual and others to help. It gives them hope to say you know what, it’s going to be okay. That things can get better. There are people out there who care. That was my experience, so that’s how I’m looking at it. Thank you Samaritan’s Feet for giving me and my family hope. We appreciate you, keep doing what you’re doing.

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