Partnering with Sanford Health, over 1,600 students received a pair of new shoes, along with additional health services, just two weeks ago in Lekpongunor, Ghana. We followed one school, students proudly sporting their purple uniforms, through the whole process. Read about their journey from start to finish.

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Students were walked to the Ghana Health Services building class-by-class from their schools nearby. The school with students wearing purple uniforms walked up, from youngest to oldest, and lined up ready for their turn. Their first stop was the hand-washing station, where they carefully cleaned and washed their hands before moving on to the next stage.

The students arrived at station where deworming pills were being distributed. The kids put on a brave face as they were handed the big chewable pill. This pill will help a child’s body absorb nutrients while also helping expel worms from the stomach and prevent any sort of infection. After taking the pill, they got a bag of water to wash it down.

Next, it was time for new shoes! Community and Sanford Health volunteers sat in front of the students ready to serve them individually. They gently washed and cleaned the students’ feet and then placed a pair of properly-fitting shoes on them. These shoes were special—they were World Shoes—which contain an anti-microbial to help prevent infections in the feet.

The students’ visit to the Health Center ended with an encouraging story told by Samaritan’s Feet Co-Founder Manny Ohonme. They were asked about their dreams, many raising their hands when asked who wanted to be a doctor, teacher, or president. Students were then given tips on how they can continue to be healthy and strong, by washing their hands and feet regularly.

It was then time to say goodbye to our new friends. They ran around waving, giving high fives and hugs, and headed back to their school to finish their classes. It was a very special day for the purple school.