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Conditions of Participation and Release from Liability: Samaritan’s Feet’s desire is to build a community of empowered ambassadors dedicated to developing into servant leaders both physically and spiritually. As an intern, I will cooperate in the fulfillment of Samaritan’s Feet mission, while encouraging others to join in this worthwhile campaign of bringing relief to children in need around the world. For more information, please visit, call 704.341.1630, or e-mail 

Background Certification: I certify that all of the information provided on this application is true and complete. I authorize the Samaritan’s Feet staff to investigate and verify any and all of the information I have submitted. Because Samaritan’s Feet strives to provide a safe environment for children and youth, I understand that the Samaritan’s Feet may order a criminal history check, and I authorize this investigation. Samaritan’s Feet reserves the right to deny any application due to results of background check. 

Intern Terms: I agree to abide by Samaritan’s Feet policies, procedures and Code of Conduct. I understand Samaritan’s Feet does not provide any health benefits (i.e. medical, dental, workers compensation, etc.) or any accident insurance for me; I understand it is my responsibility to provide this coverage. I understand that Samaritan’s Feet does not provide volunteer compensation or trade volunteer services for paid International trips. 

Property Loss: I understand Samaritan’s Feet is not responsible for my personal property lost, damaged or stolen while participating in Samaritan’s Feet activities.  

Photograph or Digital Image Permission: I give permission for Samaritan’s Feet to use, without limitation or obligation, photographs or other media that may include my image or voice to promote or interpret Samaritan’s Feet programs.

Release from Liability: I understand that accidents may occur during my intern activities. By signing below, I release the Samaritan’s Feet, its agents, directors, consultants, and employees from all liability based on any damage, loss or injury, whether it is the result of ordinary negligence or otherwise, caused to me or my dependent from participation as an intern. 

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