Samaritan’s Feet has worked with global companies, local offices, churches, and other non-profits, all of which want to make a difference in the lives of others.

Samaritan’s Feet and the partner company work together to determine a long-term plan that will not only make a positive impact in the communities in which they serve, but also serve as positive team-building within the company.

We invite you to take a look at some of the companies below to see examples of how we can work together in a mutually-beneficial partnership.


Help provide shoes which will give protection and comfort.


Alleviate a burden for families in need.


Show your community you care and unify in generosity.


Prompt children to focus in school because they're comfortable and confident.





Meet our

Core Brand Partners

Coca-Cola Consolidated has served around 3,000 individuals across their four major regions for the last four years through their partnership with Samaritan’s Feet. Additionally, they’ve contributed to Samaritan’s Feet “undesignated” funds, hosted packing parties and volunteer opportunities for their employees, and supported special events such as the Barefoot Gala.

GotSneakers is an amazing organization that helps us efficiently and effectively host Shoe Drives. As our partner, they help coordinate and process all the new and gently used shoes that come in through Shoe Drives so that we can get the most out of each pair.

Lake Vision Development is a lifetime partner of Samaritan’s Feet. They have supported the organization in numerous ways including investing in a capital campaign that helped construct the Samaritan’s Feet International Headquarters facility, sponsoring and speaking at special fundraising events like the Barefoot Gala, and participating in international mission trips and domestic distributions.

Performance Services has been a long-time partner of Samaritan’s Feet. Together, they have served those in need around the world, most often in Haiti and in other nations. They have been a Champion of Hope for several years, helping Samaritan’s Feet strategically and efficiently plan and grow for the future and to get closer to their mission of a world with zero shoeless children.

Republic Airways sponsored large shoe distributions in each of their six hub and have helped with significant portions of the planning g for these events. Additionally, Republic Airways has continued to give financially to Samaritan’s Feet to support their mission, while also coordinating partnerships with other non-profit agencies in event locations to further develop relationships in those areas.

Sanford Health has been instrumental to the strategic growth of Samaritan’s Feet. Their capital campaign contribution allowed the organization to purchase their international headquarters. They have helped significantly in research and development of the World Shoe and its health elements. Additionally, they have sponsored numerous shoe distributions for children, families, and seniors.

Thrivent has engaged with Samaritan’s Feet in many different ways. Within two years of the partnership, Thrivent and Samaritan’s Feet hosted 19 different shoe distributions together where their employees and members could volunteer. Many of their events, especially during COVID-19, included other community engagement such as food giveaways and school supply drives.

In the first three years of the Truist and Samaritan’s Feet partnership, around 6,000 people were served per year, now growing to 7,000. They’ve held distributions for children, refugees, families, and those experiencing homelessness, while connecting with 30 other agencies through these events. Truist has done branded Hope Notes written by their employees, sponsored special events, and held an event to celebrate businesses merging.

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