Long-Term Volunteer Positions

These volunteer positions are open for short-term or long-term assignments. We value your time and thank you for considering serving with us in this way!

Current Volunteer Positions Available

Logistics Coordinator

Assist pulling orders, sorting shoes, working with volunteers, performing other departmental administrative duties, and communicating and coordinating logistical needs for the successful completion of volunteer tasks. 

Marketing Assistant

Assist with pulling marketing collateral for events, creating social media posts, organizing marketing collateral and photos, creating flyers and graphics using templates, writing copy, or any other related tasks as assigned.

Events Assistant

Assist with Gala preparation, collateral and items needed for internal events, organization and inventory of auction items, event prep and setup, and any other related tasks as assigned.

Receptionist & Tour Guide

Assist with answering phones, filing, scheduling tours, supply inventory, event prep and setup, and any other related tasks as assigned.

Facilities Assistant

Assist with maintenance tasks, supply and tool inventory, repair scheduling, and any other related tasks as assigned.

Inventory Assistant

Assist with all duties and projects related to inventory control, stock reorder points, and QA/QC procedures.

Inquire About These

Volunteer Positions

To apply or learn more about these volunteer positions, email humanresources@samaritansfeet.org or click the button below.