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Tips for Hosting a Shoe Drive

Here at Samaritan’s Feet, we are committed to providing children all over the world with new shoes in order to propel them into a better life. A shoe drive is a great way to help Samaritan’s Feet carry out that mission.

A shoe drive is an easy-to-run campaign where you, your friends, family, coworkers, etc. collect new and gently used shoes to then give to Samaritan’s Feet.

What Is A Shoe Drive?

Shoe Drives are such an impactful way to help others in need. As you collect new and gently used sneakers, you will help Samaritan’s Feet serve children, adults, and seniors in need. Not only will these individuals get a pair of durable footwear, they’ll also receive a message of hope!

Who Can Run Shoe Drives?

Any organization or group can run a successful shoe drive. Whether it’s a bank branch, Bible Study group, college sorority, elementary school PTA, or a large corporation, Shoe Drives are a great way for individuals and groups to work together to help others. It can inspire team work and comradery, while giving hope to others. Here are some, but not all, common types of organizations who run shoe drives:

School Shoe Drives

Since children can outgrow shoes, Shoe Drives are a great way to recycle those gently used athletic shoes. School communities have an accessible network and the ability to collect lots of shoes to have a successful Shoe Drive campaign.

Club Shoe Drives

Shoe Drives are a great opportunity for civic clubs or organizations looking for a way to give back to the community or those in need. Any groups who are motivated and driven to make a difference are great candidates to host Shoe Drives.

Company Shoe Drives

Many companies have corporate social responsibility values and goals and Shoe Drives are an easy, turn-key way to implement those values. Companies can give to people in need, while ensuring the company is impacting the greater good.

How To Organize A Shoe Drive

Here is an easy-to-follow process to get your shoe drive started and make it a success.


Find A Group to Volunteer To Collect Shoes

Whether it be through a school, group, or company, having more people volunteer to help increases the network of people that may donate shoes.


Sign Up

Click the button below to register for your shoe drive. Complete a simple form and you’ll then receive an email with more information.


Get Your Supplies

Once you register, you’ll receive an email with more information about the program and a free package with collection bag(s) with pre-labeled and pre-paid shipping labels to safely secure each bag before shipment.


Promote Your Shoe Drive

Promoting your shoe drive through flyers, emails, newsletters, social media, and other public announcements can reach people outside of the volunteers’ immediate networks and ultimately lead to more shoe donations. Promotions should include details about the shoe drive like:

Types of Shoes People Should Donate

We encourage new or gently used sneakers, as this will have the most impact.

How Long Your Shoe Drive Will Run

Let people know the dates of your shoe drive to ensure they have prepared enough time to acquire and drop off sneakers.

Where to Donate Shoes

Having multiple volunteers can help with multiple shoe donation location coverage. Let people know where  and when they can donate sneakers.

Donate Your Sneakers

Ship your collected sneakers by dropping off your full bags that are pre-labeled at any local Fed-Ex store. All shipping is FREE! You can ship one bag at a time or all of your bags at once.

Shoe Donation Impact

See how the shoes you collect will make a difference and impact in the lives of others.

Why Shoes?

Discover why proper footwear is so important and the health, opportunity, peace, and education implications of them.