What is Shoe Recycling?

If you have shoes you don’t wear, you can donate them them so that are used in a different way. By recycling your shoes, you will make a positive contribution to the world. You can recycle your shoes when the textile components of your old footwear can be used to make something else. For example, heavily used footwear is recycled to reuse materials or convert to new energy sources.

Benefits of Shoe Recycling

There are many benefits that come from recycling old shoes; There are positive impacts to the environment, you will declutter your space, materials can be reused for something else sustainable, and more. Recycling your shoes is full of benefits!

Environmental Benefits of Shoe Recycling

The majority of shoes are predominantly made from plastic or plastic-like materials. These plastics do not biodegrade and are therefore harmful to the environment. So, when you recycle your shoes, you are not harming the environment, you are actually helping to resume materials to help the environment.

Decluttering Space

Many people have used shoes that they may not use and these are simply left in the closet. Your closet may be full of items that haven’t been worn recently, causing disorganization and clutter. Recycling old shoes allows people to clean up their closet space for a decluttered and organized space.

Reusing Materials

Heavily used and damaged footwear is recycled to resume materials or convert to new energy sources. While shoes may be too old to be used by another person, the materials can still be used for various things. When you recycle your shoes, you help create these new energy sources.

How to Recycle Used Shoes

A sneaker drive is an easy way to recycle used shoes. You can collect your new and gently used sneakers and ship them for free to Samaritan’s Feet. Recycling your sneakers with a non-profit comes with many benefits. You don’t even have to pay for postage or bags, just sign up using the button below and you’ll receive everything you need in the mail.

Other Ways to Get Involved

If you do not have any used shoes that can be recycled, there are still several ways to help Samaritan’s Feet provide those in need with shoes in order to propel them into a better life.