Shoe Distributions are the heart of Samaritan’s Feet—it’s where hope and a new pair of shoes is given to those in need. And it wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of our sponsors!

Shoe Distribution methods can look different, all depending on the community in which we’re serving and the preferences of the sponsors, but the end result is the same: giving shoes and a message of hope to those in need. We’ve worked with global companies, local offices, churches, non-profits, and individuals, who all want to make a difference in the lives of others. We hope you consider joining them.

Need Shoes?

Are you part of a school or organization in need of shoes? Join our wait list!


Help provide shoes which will give protection and comfort.


Alleviate a burden for families in need.


Show your community you care and unify in generosity.


Prompt children to focus in school because they're comfortable and confident.

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Shoe Distribution Methods

Shoe Distributions

The original, tried, and true. Shoe Distributions are the overarching way Samaritan’s Feet gives hope and new shoes to those in need in the United States. These events provide the opportunity for communities to come together and serve their neighbors in need.

Shoe Lockers

Kept on-site at a school, a Shoe Locker is a supply of athletic shoes which are immediately available when a student has improperly fitting or worn shoes. Supporters can adopt a school and make sure that students always have the chance to be a kid.


Working strategically with international partners, we deliver thousands of shoes to children outside of the United States. Due to lack of proper footwear, children around the world are suffering from foot-borne diseases transmitted through contaminated soil.

Giving Hope

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